I don’t have fabrics or other Materials, What should I do?

We can help source everything including yarn, fabric, buttons, zippers & laces base on your design.

What about the working environment in the factories?

All of our workers are essential to our business, we continuously up-skill our workers and provide a safe and ethical working environment within our factories.

Some of our past and present clients includes:

1.2.3 /American Vintage / Antonelle / Billieblush / BOSS / Bout’chou / Burberry / Burton / Carrement Beau / Chevignon / Chloé / Chloé Stora / Claudie Pierlot / Comptoir des Cotonniers / C.W.F / DIOR / DKNY / Edited / Escada... Continue

Do you have Products in Stock we can buy?

Fashion is an ever-changing industry therefore we only produce products according to orders.

Can you use my yarn, fabrics, zippers, and buttons?

Send us your materials and we will be happy to work with them.

How long does it take for initial sampling?

We can usually make your first sample within 3 weeks with readily available yarn and colors.

I’m located outside of Asia, can I still work with you?

Sure! As a trusted garment manufacturer we can work with you no matter where you are. We have established a strong relationship with currier companies that allow us sending you samples and final production worldwide.

What is the lead-time for production?

Depending on the style you’ve requested, full production from the day we’ve confirmed the orders would be around 45days. If readily available yarn and accessories is selected for any particular styles, it is possible to negotiate a faster production time.

Acceptable Payment Currency

We only accept payments in RMB, USD, or EURO. Currency Exchanged rate base on the day when the order has been confirmed with our finance department.