Design & Prototyping

The Entire Sampling process

(1) Proto Sample: all about fabric, color, design details and measurements. (2) Revised Samples: Measurements Specifications and Workmanship would be highly refined, and a final order will be made once confirmed. (3) Salesman Sample: Ideally used for pre-sale and marketing... Continue

I have a design in mind, but where should I start?

All ideas starts with a simple sketch. It really doesn’t matter if you prefer the old-school free hand drawing, or a detailed computer render image. Here at PALIQU, we are capable to make your designs come to life regarding its... Continue

I already have a sample on hand, can you work with that?

Absolutely! Send us your sample and we will manufacture the garment or give you an estimate quoting base on your sample.

Is the quote Free?

Price Quotations are absolutely FREE! Just send us a sample, and we will give you an estimate pricing for different quantity range.

I don’t have fabrics or other Materials, What should I do?

We can help source everything including yarn, fabric, buttons, zippers & laces base on your design.